Legal Notice

Legal Notice


KIRAÇA HOLDING A.Ş. (“KIRAÇA HOLDING”) Owner of this website is KIRAÇA HOLDING. Users visiting our website shall be deemed to have accepted the below given conditions, not being limited to those specified, with all purposes thereof and res ipsa loquitur.

All information, tables, comments and recommendations provided on the web site as well as all links provided herein are provided to give information to the user. KIRAÇA HOLDING has made every reasonable effort to provide that the information on its web site reflect the current situation. Relating to revision or correction of the information published on this web site; KIRAÇA HOLDING shall be the sole party authorized to make revision, amendment, correction and omission of information disclosed on the web site, without any prior notice, and it shall hold all the rights to do so. Some of the expressions used on this web site may be prepared prospectively, therefore, may contain various risks and uncertainties. Due to several reasons, actual results and developments may corporeally be different from those set forth or implied in such expressions.

The users may use the information and documents only to obtain information. Information contained herein may not be partially or completely copied, distributed, leased, reproduced, permitted to be used under sublicense, amended, kept to be used in the future, used or permitted to be used for any commercial purpose, without obtaining prior written consent of KIRAÇA HOLDING. Access to this web site is free and anonymous.

Falsification, by any means, of the information contained on this website shall give rise to all kinds of criminal proceedings.

KIRAÇA HOLDING does not accept any liability for any existing and future losses and damages that shall arise due to information published on this web site or transactions made on the basis if such information or any failure to reach the web site. Publication of this web site shall not constitute any commitment against any person and/or entity in any matter. All liabilities relating to any kinds of decisions to be given in light of the information contained on the web site, belongs to the person visiting this website.

KIRAÇA HOLDING may not be held liable for any direct or indirect losses and damages that may arise from having access to, or using the web site of KIRAÇA HOLDING or any web site that may be accessed through this web site.
No responsibility under any name whatsoever, may be attributed to KIRAÇA HOLDING due to any failure to update the information contained on the web site, to have them reflect the truth; delay in revision, any possible mistake or deficiency or amendment on the web site. Lack of a date relating to updating shall not lay KIRAÇA HOLDING, contrary to those stipulated.

Copyrights on information and expressions (such as designs, pictures, logos, etc.) belong to KIRAÇA HOLDING and its shareholders. They may not be used without written consent of KIRAÇA HOLDING. In disputes that may arise from using the web site and the information contained herein, text of the legal Warning in Turkish shall be considered as the basis and in such case, KIRAÇA HOLDING hereby undertakes to exercise its statutory rights relating thereto.

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