Academy Kıraça – Education and Development

Academy Kıraça – Education and Development

Academy Kıraça was established in order to create a development environment that we constantly learn, inspire each other, manage the change and build the future together on the way to individual and institutional excellence.

The aim of the Academy Kıraça is to ensure that all the members of the Kıraça family have the basic, functional and managerial competencies to assume the leadership of their own work. Here, the meaning of leadership is that employees at all levels have an active and developing role in the job they are responsible for.

Activities carried out in Academy Kıraça can be summarized as given below:

  • Classroom trainings,
  • Online trainings,
  • Project groups,
  • Case analysis,
  • Development programmes integrated with Universities.

For details you can visit our ACADEMY KIRAÇA web site.

Academy Kıraça – Education and Development
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