The most important criterion of the recruitment process in Kıraça is to match accurately the person to be recruited with the requirements of the position. Therefore, different applications are used that vary position-based to understand whether the position requirements are met at the expected level.

Within this frame;

  • We monitor competences through competency-based interviews.
  • We apply various personality inventories.
  • In case any foreign language proficiency is required, we make our candidate measurement by taking services from specialized institutions.
  • According to the needs of the position, we examine in detail the executive competencies with applications such as competence center and case analysis.
  • If the position requires, we perform mental skill tests.

Our open advertisements are published on KIRAÇA CAREER page. In addition, you will be directed to the mentioned address when you apply through our announcements published in various job search sites.

At Kıraça Holding and Group Companies, all planning and activities from the adventure of our candidates starting with the job application process to the orientation after recruitment. For this reason, all of the applications are gathered in one address.

Wage Management Academy Kıraça – Education and Development