Another success from Azuree!

Azuree 33C team finished first in the TROFEO DE LAS FUERZAS ARMADAS competition organized by the Real Club Náutico de Palma.

The Azuree 33C is a refreshed, customizable version of the award-winning Azuree 33. The redesigned deck and interior give the boat a more modernized look, and the large cockpit area gives maximum efficiency in the most efficient way. Foldable table in the cockpit is exemplary in terms of space efficiency.

The Azuree 33C which takes its power from customizability, is an innovative combination of functionality and comfort. It provides modular solutions such as coffee machine, cupboard, foldable navigation table, which can be changed according to the expectation and purpose of the person. The interior provides freedom of movement under sail. The Azuree 33C offers a very bulky interior advantage over most of its 36-ft competitors as a result of being the largest boat in its category.

Arm and draft options fit best with race requirements as well as cruising. Offering the best combination of performance and comfortable maritime, the Azuree 33C emerges as a well-proportioned boat.

Another success from Azuree!
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